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We've identified another flight planner for DJI aircraft that appears to meet our requirements for functionality and stability. The app is for iOS only and is called DJI Flight Plan from Beyond the Cube.  

We've been in contact with the developers to ensure that the most basic features necessary for complete field mapping are available:

  • Completely written for iOS so its quick and responsive.
  • Save and recall flight plans across multiple devices.
  • Supports pause and resume of missions.
  • Supports multiple battery missions for large fields.
  • Supports 3rd party cameras.
  • Support for offline mapping.
  • Choose from multiple map layers (Apple, Google, Mapbox).

We have completed some preliminary testing and evaluation but we'd like you to perform some of your own testing to familiarize yourself with the app and its workflow and confirm that it will work for your business.

Here is a quick flight planning guide for mapping missions:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the area of interest.
  2. Press the Folder icon on the right and select Shapes -> Polygon.
  3. Press the Gear icon to access the flight settings.
  4. Select the camera and change the parameters to the following.
  5. Set your flight parameters.  
     - Set desired Flight Altitude.
     - Set desired Speed.
     - Set desired Horizontal Overlap (HOverlap).
     - Vertical Overlap (VOverlap) has no effect for SLANTRANGE sensors.
     - Unselect Start Camera and select Padding.
  6. Set your field boundary and then your flight angle using the Rotate icon.
  7. Once your flight plan is complete, save your flight plan using the Disk icon. Saving the flight plan will also download the map layer for offline use.
  8. Select the Play icon
     - Verify the desired Finish Action.
     - Verify Heading Mode is set to Auto.
  9. Step away from the aircraft and select Start Mission.

For a complete list of features and tutorials, please visit the Beyond The Cube website.  

If you have any issues with aircraft flight performance or app performance, please let us know at and also contact the app developer at Beyond the Cube.

Thank you for working with us to find a robust flight planning solution!